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We are Koji Professional

Our Koji Starters are manufactured using specialized facilities and production processes. Our products are pure and stable. In order to meet the diverse requests of our customers, we have been creating new approaches to the making of Koji Starters.

About Previous Research

About Koji Starter

Generally, Koji Starter means the spore of Koji mold. Koji is made from various kinds of materials fermented with this Koji spore.

Since ancient times, Japan has focused on the excellent properties of Koji. It has been used for many kinds of traditional fermented foods and liquors like Sake, Miso, Soy Sauce, Honkaku Shochu, Mirin, Amazake and vinegars.

These fermented foods have played a large part in Japanese food culture and it is believed they have contributed to the longevity of people in Japan.Due to these reasons, the Brewing Society of Japan declared Koji is a “National Fungi of Japan” in 2006.

About Koji Starter

About Koji

Koji is made by moistening grains (Rice, Barley, Soybeans, etc.), steaming them and then sprinkling Koji Starter on the steamed materials. The materials are cultured under temperature and humidity conditions suitable for the growth of Koji mold.

Koji contains various kinds of enzymes and it degrades grains efficiently. Koji itself is rich in saccharides, amino acids, peptides, vitamins and minerals so it can be said to be a fully nutritious food.

In general, Koji making process is called “Seigiku” or “Seikiku”. The outcome of the Koji making process varies depending on what kind of raw materials are used, what types of Koji Starter are used and environment factors of “Seigiku”. This leads to the diversification of the taste and flavor of the final product (such as Sake, Miso, and Soy Sauce and Shochu) and adds to the enjoyment of the product.

About Koji

History of Koji Starter

Koji Fermented foods have a long history, but it was not until the Meiji era that Koji Starter was manufactured and sold independently, so the history of exclusive Koji Starter manufacturing and its supplying is surprisingly not long.

Originally, people called “Koji-Shū monopolized the manufacture and sale of Koji. Although Koji was sold, it was not sold as Koji Starter (Koji Spore), so Koji Starter was considered to be their treasured item.

At first, mold that exist naturally adhere to the raw material. From the mold that happen to be Koji, the good ones are selected and used as Koji Starter again. This method is called “Tomo-Koji” method and is believed that this was done in ancient times. But today, the technology for culturing pure, excellent strains has been established.