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Higuchi Matsunosuke Shoten Co., Ltd. is a specialist Koji Starter Manufacturer in Abeno, Osaka.
Our brand “Higuchi Moyashi” is well known in the world of Japanese fermented food and related food manufacturers as a major Koji Starter brand.
We have been supplying our products not only to Japanese breweries and Koji fermented food manufacturers but also to many international customers.

Greetings from the Company President

Thank you very much for visiting our website.
Since its foundation in 1855 in Semba (which is known as merchant district), Osaka, Higuchi Matsunosuke Shoten has specialized in the production and sale of Koji Starter and has been a leader in the industry.
We will continue to be a presence that supports the production of Koji fermented foods and liquors with our highly pure and stable products.

We believe Koji works as pioneer the future of food.
We would like to apply our technology for manufacturing stable koji starter to challenge new areas and achieve further growth.
Our laboratory has more than 1,000 strains of Aspergillus strains as stocks.
We would like to meet a wide variety of customer's requests with our extensive research and flexible ideas.
We also want to maintain transparency and a "customer-first" attitude in our product manufacturing and exert our capabilities as a trusted partner company.
Even in a rapidly changing social environment, "Higuchi Moyashi" is only as good as its customers.
We sincerely ask for your continued support and patronage.

Koichi Higuchi

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Higuchi Matsunosuke Shoten Co., Ltd.


1-14-2 Harimacho Abeno-ku,Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 545-0022, Japan




August 1938

Main financing bank

MUFG Bank, Ltd. Abenobashi Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Abenobashi Branch

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