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Salted Koji

Let’s make good koji, amazake and miso with Higuchi Moyashi

Shio Koji has become the focus of attention as a seasoning.
One has been to remind consumers that amazake, which uses koji, can also be used as a natural sweetener.

We have selected a koji starter for really easy production of salted koji. It produces pure white koji which maintains its color over a long period.

Packing:W-20       Powder
     30g bag (Sufficient for 200k of rice)

How to make koji

How to make miso

  Soybeans Koji Salt Water* Ready
Red miso 10kg 8.5kg 4kg 2L Summer:3-4mths.Winter:6-10mths
White miso 10kg 24kg 3kg 6L Summer:1-2mths.Winter:3-4mths
*Boiled water cooled.
Carefully mix the ingredients together in a plastic container*. Push down the mixture firmly into the container, cover tightly with a polythene sheet and put a lid on top.
*Sterilize the container with boiling water and dry completely.

How to make amazake.

Boil 450-750g of white rice until it is a stiff porridge consistency. Cool to about 55-60℃ and add 1.5kg of koji. Mix carefully*. Leave in a warm place (about 30℃) for several hours or over night. Mix lightly once or twice. Once made store the amazake in a refrigerator.
*Sterilize the container thoroughly with boiling water and dry completely.

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