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Soy Sauce Koji Starters (Powder type)

Higuchi Moyashi makes and sells koji starters of a consistently stable quality, using the newest equipment developed independently, choosing the most suitable fungus strain for soy sauce production based on the endeavors of our research team and listening to the leading voices in the soy sauce industry and soy sauce related organizations. As advances have been made in research into soy sauce production, demands for appropriate koji starters have increased. Moreover, meeting these demands has become more and more complex due to different types of koji-making machinery and individual variations in the production process. To satisfy these demands we have paid attention to the wide variety of manufacturing situations and have prepared products to meet individual needs.

A.sojae no.9

This exhibits characteristics of 1.low sugar consumption during koji making, leaving a high final amount; 2.low particle deposit; 3.manageable compression with good sauce ratio; 4.pale raw sauce. However, the most distinctive traits are the highest protease generation of our products and minimum dust due to the low level of koji spores, thereby providing an excellent sojae fungus. Ideal for improving rates of nitrogen use.

A.sojae no.12

This fungus strain brings out the characteristics of sojae most clearly. It is most suitable in situations where sojae's unique fragrance and pale raw sauce are required.


A koji starter that is a fungal compound of mainly sojae fungus with oryzae. A raw sauce with high nitrogen use rates and good glutamic acid generation can be obtained. We recommend this koji starter when a koji providing the characteristics of sojae fungus but with low fragrance levels is required.


Highly rated as a koji starter for 3-day koji, this is the leading oryzae fungus. It is an easy-to-use starter with strong protease enzyme generation; it proliferates rapidly and does not easily compact.

Mild S

Ideal for keeping the temperature down to avoid overheated koji. Proliferation is fairly gentle, with strong protease. If the temperature cannot be kept down at the peak of the koji-making process, a koji strong in protease cannot be obtained. In cases where the koji is thickly piled up or where summer temperatures make temperature-control problematic, this gently proliferating fungus can be used.

Diamond C

This is somewhat slower than the Three-dia proliferation rate in the koji-making process. Strong in protease and with particularly high glutaminase activity, this fungus is highly rated for tamari.

White Soy Sauce Starter

A fungus with medium protease and strong amylase. We have chosen a fungus strain which proliferates easily on raw materials consisting mainly of barley.

Packaging: Powder type-40g bag (sufficient for 200k of raw materials)

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