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Shochu Koji Starters

(Shochu is liquor typically distilled from sweet potatoes, barley or rice)

We are proud to be number one in technical ability and sales volume. Here are four highly rated shochu koji starters developed by Higuchi Moyashi. Shochu koji raw materials fall into two main categories: rice and barley. Selecting the fungus strain suitable for the respective raw materials is vital. Accordingly, from shochu brown koji fungus has been developed a rice shochu fungus and a barley shochu fungus. In addition, to provide greater choice, we also provide shochu black koji fungus (Aspergillus awamori), which is traditionally used, and yellow koji shochu fungus, which provides fragrance and flavor. The characteristics of these koji starters are explained below

Brown Koji Fungus

Rice Koji

Extremely productive in citric acid and with a high enzyme potency, the properties of this fungus are excellent. We are confident in recommending it for rice koji.

Barley Koji

Characterized by exceptionally productive levels of citric acid and enzymes, in the production of barley koji this starter produces a koji that crumbles well. (If used with rice, enzyme generation exceeds the Rice Koji starter above, but citric acid production is somewhat deficient.)

Black Koji Fungus

Black koji fungus, used as a koji starter from ancient times, is back in fashion. If you want a shochu with a unique bouquet, this is for you. (Used with rice, citric acid production is on a par with Rice Koji above; used with barley it is inferior to Barley Koji above in this respect.)

Yellow Koji Fungus

This fungus has been chosen to bring out in particular the flavor and fragrance characteristic of yellow koji, which cannot be realized by Brown Koji Fungus. Because proliferation is more vigorous than Brown Koji Fungus, the temperature at the beginning on the process should be kept low (about 30℃). The temperature in the latter half of the process should be taken higher (38-40℃) to bring out fragrance and flavor.

Packaging: Powder type – 70g bag (sufficient for 200k of raw materials)

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