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Company History

1855 Founder Matsunosuke Higuchi separated from the main family (Koujiro Higuchi) and established a new branch dealing in the production and selling of koji called 'Sakaiya'.
1897 Acquired a koji starter maker in Kitakyutaromachi (Osaka City)and entered the koji starter business.
1935 Purchased 6,600sq.m. of land in Abeno-ku,Osaka.
1937 Took possession of 990sq.m. factory in Kitakyutaromachi.
1938 Changed from private management to a joint-stock company.
1940 Successful separation of Hashimoto fungus.
1945 Kitakyutaro-machi destroyed by fire in massive air-raid on Osaka.
1946 Head office built in Kitakyutaromachi.
1951 Factory completed in Abeno-ku.
1957 Bacteria free fungus marketed.
1961 Relocation of head office to Abeno-ku.
1963 Commercial property for lease completed in Kitakyutaromachi.
1969 Inauguration of exclusive sales of enzyme preparations made by Amano Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. (Now: Amano Enzyme Co.Ltd.).
1969 'Three-dia' for 3 day soy sauce koji on sale.
1982 Sojae fungus put on the market.
1985 Shochu fungus sales began.
1994 No.2 factory as well as dormitory and break room newly built.
1996 Took over the manufacture and sale of Hikami Moyashi from Hikami Co. Ltd.
1998 No.1 factory drying and sifting buildings newly built.
2004 Shochu black koji fungus on sale.
2010 No.1 factory newly built.(Clean room for cultivation.)

Company Outline

Established: August 1938

President-Matsunosuke Higuchi
Director of Research & Production-Hideyuki Yamashita

Contact: 1-14-2 Harimacho, Abeno-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan 545-0022
Tel: 816-6621-8781 Fax: 816-6621-2550
Principal Clients: Over 85% of Japanese sake, miso and soy sauce manufacturers. Most leading shochu manufacturers.
Business: Koji starters of all kinds used in the production of sake, miso, soy sauce shochu and mirin.
Marketing of enzyme preparations for brewing, including products from Amano Enzyme Co. Ltd., Daiwa Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. and HBI Co. Ltd.
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